EnkiNet is my networking dissertation (2018 / 2019), creating a C++17 high-level networking API integrated with a 2D scenegraph framework.

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Kachiku Level Editor

Image of 'Kachiku Level Editor' Project

Kachiku is a university project that has been worked on across two different years by ~50 different students. Myself and 3 others inherited the level editor project made with Unity for the game and were tasked with improving it.

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Image of 'Engine27' Project

Engine27 is a 2D game engine written in C++17 that I’m working on with a friend, using DirectX 11 and Win32. Currently the DirectX Renderer is fully working, capable of sorting and drawing 100k sprites at 60fps with minimal draw calls due to instancing and texture atlas support.


CDCGAN is a conditional deep convolutional generative adversarial network made to create unique minecraft texture packs using Python and Keras. Made in 5 weeks for a university module.

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Platform System

Image of 'Platform System' Project

I made a system in unity to create nice platforms for the 3D platforming Slime Game with helpful debug displays, a variety of controls, smooth catmul-rom spline interpolation, and other polish like tilting based on the players position on the platform and sine wave offsets.

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Audio Visual Production

For a university module myself and a team of a few others used Unity to create an Audio-Visual Advert. Within the team I was primarily responsible for the audio, while also helping with scene creation, lighting, scripting, and cameras.

Hexagonal A* Pathfinding

Image of 'Hexagonal A* Pathfinding' Project

Galactic Empires was meant to be a 4x space game made in C++ with SFML, CEGUI, Thor, Lua, and LuaBridge. Development stopped shortly after due to the realisation of the huge scope of such a project and the lack of experience to finish it. It mainly features A* Pathfinding on a Hexagonal Grid, as well as Lua Integration, CEGUI Integration, and State Management.

IM Tools

Image of 'IM Tools' Project

IM Tools was a local DIY store near my college. Our assignment was to design and create a possible website for their review. It can be found here.